Circle Gas is a UK based LPG and technology company whose focus is to deliver LPG supplies from terminal to home. Through their flagship product, M-GAS, they provide customers in low income communities with safe gas cylinders equipped with state-of-the-art smart meters that monitor usage, reporting back to a central system where gas can be purchased on an as-needed basis in small increments via M-PESA.

Tessera was tasked with developing the brand identity and strategy for M-GAS. This included defining the brand architecture, positioning, promise and tagline development which embodied the brand purpose. The team further developed support material in line with the identity.

M-Gas brand was successfully launched into the Kenyan market, having their first depot located at Mukuru Kwa Njenga.

Tessera Limited was able to provide:

  • Website Development.
  • Creative materials for launch.
  • Depot Wall Branding Artwork.
  • Merchandize.
  • Customer Smart Cards.
  • Development of Business Cards.

Creative, Digital, Strategy