Shabiki Power 13 wanted to launch a Jackpot with a guaranteed payout of Kshs. 10M every Saturday, targeting the core market segment. The agency was briefed to develop a logo, brand strategy and go to market plan to launch Shabiki’s new “core Jackpot” targeting the core market segment. The agency developed a logo for the Power13 sub brand that locked up with the mother brand logo to ride on the affinity that the brand already has in the market. The target audience for Power13 are Millennials whose vocabulary consist of words such as Motivation, Making moves, Hustling, Achievements, Goals, Making it, Investment. etc. The Agency used this insight to create the tagline “MAKE YOUR MOVE” to connect with the customer emotionally. The agency developed a Teaser animation series, 2 TV commercials, Radio commercials, Print, Point of Sale Merchandise and a Winners Management Model Campaign. The campaign launched on the 29th April 2019.


Within the 1st month after launch:

  • Conversation rate  *21.67%
  • Retention Rate **11.45%

*Conversion rate – Registration to Bet

**Retention – number of users retained


Advertising, Creative, Digital, Strategy