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About Us

We love what we do. We do what we love. We are proud of who we are.
Dreams & Aspirations

Where it all began

Kavita Ramdas said, “We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.” This sums up the kind of relationship our directors have. This story began in 1994 – 4 young women, full of dreams and aspirations, met at a local university and started a friendship.  After graduating, each young woman set off on her chosen path, Stella went to pursue her fascination with numbers in the intriguing world of Finance, Joanna followed her creative aspiration in the world of Brand Strategy, Maxi went to develop her talent in Efficiency and Process, and Nora followed her love of connecting with people to build a career in Human Resource.  The onset of the internet allowed them to stay connected, continue building on friendship while following each other’s careers, families and all the stories that go with well-lived lives! A solid friendship that has lasted a span of 24 years to date.

Fast forward to 2014, like all good ideas, it started with a problem while on holiday in Greece. The story of ‘women in business’ and ‘brands in Kenya’ came up. They all had a similar view on how the Kenyan branding landscape looked – it was very retail-led, billboards with campaigns to sell products and services were all over, lacking a story that made people fall in love with the brand. They wanted to work to build brands in Kenya that would connect with the souls of the customers – just like Coco Chanel and Louise Vuitton connects with the souls of women the world over!

The 4 friends each had a skill that was necessary for a company to succeed in today’s world and the quest for a business name began (amidst the endless glasses of ouzo and mastika). Looking back, the number ‘4’ seemed to feature quite a lot in their story – they looked up what the number 4 was in Greek and voila – TE∑∑ERA was born. Our brand color is the same Turquoise blue that the sea was that insightful day.

Smart Brands today are moving away from the traditional “Agency of Record” model to a “Project” model, where the client brings in agencies on an as-needed basis to solve specific communication problems. It’s the “Jack of all Trades” versus the “Specialist Agency”. It’s easy to make the case that the latter model is better because they are focused on their craft and invest more in the talent to execute it.

We don’t think it’s credible that anyone agency today can deliver absolutely every client’s communication need in the most effective way: this is where Tessera comes in.

As the Lead Brand Agency, we pride ourselves in holding the relationship with the client and being the conductor that brings together the different communication disciplines in harmony to answer to the brand strategy in a way that matches and exceeds any brand’s Big Hairy Ambitious Goals.

The Significance of Number Four

The Directors at sea in Greece – Where Tessera was born.

Advantages of a multi-agency model

  1. Consumers, brand marketers and marketing channels have changed and so has the marketing scene – marketers are looking for choice and fit in the teams they work with.
  2. Smaller agencies often possess specialties and a nimbleness that allows them to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing marketing landscape.
  3. Having a multi-agency team means the people you work with have specific areas of expertise.

Our Values