The Girl Generation – End FGM

OPTIONS UK – The Girl Generation: ‘Together to End FGM’ is a social change communications initiative, galvanizing, catalyzing and amplifying an Africa-led, global movement to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The agency was tasked with creating an African youth-led movement compelling the youth, the people across Africa and the world to ‘speak up’ to end FGM and to inspire others to join the movement. The campaign ran across 8 countries in Africa with Tessera being the lead agency. The I WILL END FGM Campaign, was to spark 1,000,000 conversations for social change, and drive advocacy for more resources to help end FGM.

Tessera led the communication strategy at a Youth Summit that was held in Nairobi with Youth from across Africa with guests from the USA and the UK. Tessera used social media to recruit people to the movement, share information, drive traffic to the microsite, engage online communities and share the positive stories from the campaign.

The Agency was tasked with: new logo development, website development – and; digital campaign #EndFGM, #IHaveSpoken


The Girl Generations I WILL END FGM Campaign achieved 117% growth in organic reach in 2 months:

  • 18,746,654 Total Organic Impressions
  • 6,851,53Unique People Reached
  • 832 Total Video Submissions

Creative, Digital, Strategy