Shabiki Jackpot Mbao

The company  tasked the agency with a complete rebrand for their jackpot product, as the brand had been in the market for two years and needed to raise its brand awareness given  the fierce competition in the market with the aim of increasing brand awareness as well as grow brand equity. In order to rebrand the mother brand and to create room within the mother brand for other products to fit in seamlessly, the agency developed a logo for the jackpot mbao sub brand that locked up with the mother brand logo to ride on the affinity that the brand already has in the market. The target audience are dreamers who keep on playing everyday with the hope and belief that it is soon going to be their turn to win because they see and hear of others winning.  The Agency used this insight to create the tagline “NI ZAMU YAKO” to connect with the customer emotionally and developed 3 TV commercials, Radio commercials, Print, Point of Sale Merchandise and Winners Management Model Campaign. The campaign launched on the 8th March 2019


  • The bets increased by 11.4% a day after launch
  • Registration to bet conversion within the 1st month was 91.4%
  • Retention a month after launch was 31.58%

Advertising, Creative, Strategy