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We have a passion to facilitate a thriving and sustainable community.
We Can Do It.

Samburu Girls Foundation.

Our CSR focuses on issues that affect and impact women.  We strongly believe in equality and female empowerment and have made a conscious decision to align our CSR with our values and beliefs. As a fully owned female organization, we felt that it was our duty to not only tell the story of the girls at Samburu Girls Foundation, but it also provided us with a platform to implant the “We Can Do It” mentality.

We have so far donated food stuff and visited them in their Samburu home. We’re currently working to not only ensure the girls continued development through food drives and creating mentorship opportunities for the girls at the foundation but also strive to do what we do best which is: Tell Their Story.

We believe in the long-term well-being of the girls at the Foundation and finding resources that will transform the organization into a self-sufficient and stable haven for all at-risk girls not only within the Samburu County but country-wide.

Team Tessera interacting with the Girl’s at our offices and at the Foundation in Samburu.