Shabiki Power 17

With the market restructure, and the Power 13 product growing to include a mid week and a mega Jackpot. Our brief was to introduce a 100 Million Jackpot, under a new sub brand Power17 that would retain an association with Power13 to ride on the equity that Power13 had already began to achieve in the market. The agency developed a logo for the Power17 sub-brand that is similar to the  Power13 logo, however, to differentiate the two offerings we used different colors and the number 17 to indicate the number of games on the platform. The target audience for Power17 are Millennials whose vocabulary consist of words such as Motivation, Making moves, Hustling, Achievements, Goals, Making it, Investment. etc. The Agency used this insight to create the tagline “BRING YOU’RE A-GAME” to connect with the customer emotionally.


Within the 1st month after launch:

  • 17.68% Conversion rate
  • 18% Retention

Creative, Digital, Strategy