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Our Services

We offer you solutions to all your brand needs; be it Strategy, Advertising, Digital , Social Media or Events.

Brand strategy and Corporate Identity

Tessera understands the need for brands to differentiate themselves in the market; in how they communicate their messages, their look and feel and how they are viewed by their audience. We conduct a thorough assessment of your brand; determine it’s needs and then devise sound strategies that drive your growth. From a launch to a revamp, our consultation services give you holistic brand solutions.


Below are some of the brand strategy and corporate identity needs we can cater to:

  1. Brand Strategy Development
  2. Brand Audit (Market Research)
  3. Brand Positioning (Launch, Diversification, Revamp)
  4. Logo Creation
  5. Brand Manual
  6. Merchandise Branding


Strategy, Creative Design and Corporate Collateral

Tessera understands the need for brands to communicate their message in the form of creative design and corporate collateral; With a thorough understanding of a client’s target audience, the creative team, guided by the advertising strategy, is able to follow and/or set trends in producing content that solves client challenges in communicating the value their product or service adds to consumers’ lives.

Below are some of the advertising needs we can cater to:

  1. Display Ads
  2. Social Media Ads
  3. Newspapers and Magazines
  4. Outdoor Advertising
  5. Radio and Podcasts
  6. Direct Mail
  7. Video Ads
  8. Product Placement
  9. Event Marketing
  10. Email Marketing


Website & Apps Design, Development & Content

Tessera understands the need for brands to tell their stories in the most versatile and unique forms. We help brands not only communicate their messages on the online space, but also engage and interact with their very relevant audience in real time, while still maintaining cost effectiveness.

Below are some of the digital needs we can cater to:

  1. Website development and Maintainance
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing and Management
  5. Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Influence Marketing
  8. Blogging

Event theme development, Recce & Set-up, Supplier Management and Roadshows and Activations

Event Management

Tessera understands that at the core of every event is creating an engaging and memorable brand experience. We help you creatively conceptualize your corporate meetings, exhibition stalls, conferences and seminars, tradeshows or roadshows, by offering a strong strategy, detailed planning and meticulous execution of tasks. We stay responsive to on-site developments and have an ability to understand your audience.

  1. Corporate events
  2. Conferences and Seminars
  3. Trade shows and Exhibitions
  4. Product launches
  5. Annual awards
  6. Inauguration and launch events

Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Management

Social Media Management

Tessera understands that there is need for your brand to not only create awareness and build engagement with your online audience, but also create conversions.

Working with the creative team, we create content that communicates to the end online consumer, driving the key message home leading to increased conversions and brand awareness.

Below are some of the events we can cater to:

  1. Social Media Strategy
  2. Content Creation
  3. Social Media Management and Reporting
  4. Social Media training and support
  5. Copywriting